Things I just don't understand

Please feel free to add to this list 😀
  1. Why, when local government corruption is widely known about, do so many of the locals turn a blind eye in my little town?
  2. Why do people not speak up for what's right but stand on the sidelines waiting for others to fix the situation for them?
  3. Why is it always the same group of parents that show up for their kids activities and volunteer to help?
  4. Why would people buy into a two unit condo, not read the bylaws first, refuse to follow them when the eventually do, then get nasty and snarky when the other own insists on compliance?
  5. Why do bad things seem to happen to good people and good things seem to happen to bad people?
  6. How could my children say they love anyone that treats me horribly?
  7. Why do people think it's ok to completely trash someone they don't know on social media? After giving birth to a healthy baby after overcoming so much like infertility and cancer said this to Christina El Moussa. WTH?
  8. Why would anyone choose to hurt an animal or child?
  9. Why haven't we found a cure for cancer?
  10. Salt water taffy