Things people do that I think are good and /or special.

This is the opposite to my previous list of things/people that get on my last nerve 😘 Please feel free to add to this list.
  1. People who step in to defend and protect someone or something that is in need.
  2. Random acts of kindness that don't benefit the doer.
  3. People who take the time to reach out to someone who needs a friend. Sometimes a casual acquaintance who says " Hey, I care about you and want to listen if you want to talk" is the greatest of gifts.
  4. Hugs!
  5. When someone you don't know pays you a compliment especially if you're feeling blue.
  6. Holding a baby
  7. Hearing my children play musical instruments well.
  8. When someone tells me my children are good, talented, well mannered or special.
  9. When a man holds a door for me or gives me his seat. My sons were trained to do these things before they entered first grade. It means so much.
  10. When someone helps with something, giving of their time, to help me.