This is a list of things that just really aggravate me and will very likely continue to grow. Please feel free to add your own pet peeves to this list
  1. People who lie
    No matter the reason I just can't stand it!
  2. Corruption in any form especially those in authority
    In my town, one of our city councilmen is a plumber. The rest except one, are involved in Real Estate as sales people, investors and/or developers. He voted for a zoning change that allowed 18 homes to be built on 5 lots, which has caused many problems including flooding for the surrounding neighborhood. The city claims they are affordable family housing but start at 900 ish sq. ft and list price starts at over $550K. I'm not sure in which alternate reality that would be
  3. considered affordable or a place big enough to raise a family in. We are a resort island and I think these will be used as weekly rental units. This councilman which pays $10K ish essentially from taxpayers, may also be the city plumbing inspector which, if so, is also a paid position out of city coffers. Once construction began on the 18 units can
  4. you guess who was "awarded" the plumbing contract for all 18 units? Yup, the councilman who voted for the zoning change in the first place. Then we the tax payers had to pay to bring another inspector here to inspect his work because as the city inspector he can't inspect his own jobs. That cost tax payers even more.
  5. People here are sheep. Maybe ostriches who stick their heads in the sand and turn a blind eye to local corruption is a better analogy. They are so wrapped up in their own lives or they are friends with the corrupt politicians here since it's a very small town they make a choice to "not know" what goes on. Stupid and maddening to me.
  6. That's one example but I have too many to list here. It's disgusting how people can abuse Th public trust.
  7. People who are users
    People who ask me to help them or do for them but when I ask they either let me down or just disappear
  8. Unreliable and or flaky folks
    Sometimes reality is a moving target for some people. An example- I drove someone across 4 states in one day. They took something of mine out of the car when they left, by accident I hope, and now will not answer texts, calls or emails from me to return it. The cash value of the item was less than $5
  9. People who deliberately lie or spread rumors about other people
  10. Nepotism in city jobs even when the hirees
    Are unqualified for the jobs they are given and are paid twice as much as anyone else would be in the same job. Here that happens a lot with city jobs. How do these people sleep at night?
  11. The liberal agenda as it pertains to this election. When people want to stop a candidate from speaking because they disagree with their position yet expect their candidate to be tolerated and listened too without restrictions. Conservatives disagree with most of what Hillary and Bernie stand for but they are not rioting to prevent them speaking.Why
  12. People who take up the street parking in front of my house rather than use their own driveway because it's a shorter walk to their front door!
  13. People who think the rules don't apply to them
  14. People disparage others for any reason
  15. People who choose not to help someone or something because it's easier not to.
  16. People who think it's ok to cut off a funeral procession! Happened to me today while trying to follow the hearse from the church to cemetery. How much of a hurry can you be in that much of a hurry that you can't wait for one cycle of a traffic light while families of a deceased person, usually unfamiliar with the area are trying to bury their dead.