That I remember
  1. "I've never seen a girl hold her own in the pit like that."
    After a Reel Big Fish concert that I went to with the boy I had just dumped because we bought tickets together. He was still in love with me and I danced with other boys like a jerk.
  2. "Such a wholesome young lady!"
    From an old man at a fast food restaurant when I was a teenager. He saw me blessing my burger and fries.
  3. "When we first met and you pretended to speak Japanese it sounded like Chinese but now your pretend Japanese sounds like real Japanese."
    My pretend Chinese is pretty offensive.
  4. "You couldn't have turned out better if I had tried!"
    From my mother, which is weird because I'm pretty sure she did try.
    My birth center kept a whiteboard with names of mamas and babies they delivered and would include a couple words describing the birth.... I waited nine months to see what they would write about me! 💪🏼