Sorry, this is a bit of a long one. It's been 4 year since this happened, so I while I am definitely over it, I thought it might be nice to tell the story.
  1. I met him when we were both eleven.
  2. I was never that comfortable with guys in high school but I was always comfortable with him.
    We could talk for hours.
  3. When I was 13 I realized that I had a slight crush on him.
    But I QUICKLY made myself get rid of it so that it would not ruin our friendship.
  4. Our families hung out a lot.
    Our dads were best friends, our moms were best friends, our sisters were best friends. It was the ultimate best family friend situation ever.
  5. One day he started to like me.
    I have no idea when, because I was completely clueless.
  6. One day at the pool I described my dreams and he said "that is the kind of girl I want to marry!"
    I was still very clueless.
  7. Then one day, when I was 17 and he was 16, he finally caught my eye for real.
    He was tender and caring, and an "old soul" like myself.
  8. One day he saw me talking to another guy, and assumed the worst.
  9. He stopped talking to me until the next morning when he asked to talk to me.
    Our families were both at a big statewide family camp. Our cabins were next to each other.
  10. We set out for a walk in the foggy woods.
  11. "You're not going to want to hear this..." He said.
    But I did.
  12. We professed our feelings for each other, and promised to hold onto them for a day when we could be united forever.
    My heart was exploding with happiness!
  13. We decided to not have sex or even kiss just yet. We wanted to save it for the day we could get married.
    This might sound weird coming from teenagers, but we were serious and it was so very sweet. This is how I know he loved ME and not just my body.
  14. We skyped and hung out whenever we could.
  15. "I know this (relationship) is going to feel like a marathon rather than a sprint," he said to me one night.
    "But I think that will make the prize at the end seem even more special." I replied.
  16. I told you were were old souls.
  17. Then one day his mother became very jealous.
    Jealous of me, jealous of my parents (because he loved my parents - but not as much as his own! It still doesn't make sense to me.)
  18. And so they forced us to break up.
    Just like that. No negotiations allowed.
  19. They let us talk for 20 minutes in an empty mall one cold January night.
  20. He and I held each other and cried.
  21. "I want to marry you more than anything else in the world," he said.
    But I knew it could not be so. His parents' iron hand would crush even the strongest of feelings.
  22. He snuck out of his house and called me breathless later that night.
  23. "I love you Rose (his special name for me). And I'll always love you." He said.
    I could literally hear his heart breaking. It matched the sound of my own.
  24. I did not say "I love you too." Even though I did with all of my heart.
    I was afraid I would get in trouble. Why??? I'm way too much of a scaredy-cat. I should have shed my fears and shouted my love.
  25. I see him now and again. We go to be same college now. It's all good.
    He has a new girlfriend and I have dated other guys. We mutually have no desire to ever get back together. We've both grown and changed.
  26. However, every time I do lay eyes on him, I'm reminded of my biggest regret.
  27. I didn't say "I love you" back.