Context: My two best friends live about 12 hours away.
  1. Watch the episode of Parks and Rec where Ann leaves Pawnee.
    And bawl my eyes out and pretty much scream at Ann "Don't leave her! It sucks to live far apart!"
  2. Look at all the ❤️ photos on my phone.
    Basically all of them are the 3 of us.
  3. Draft my next 10 text convos with them in my head.
  4. Mentally plan out the next FaceTime date.
  5. Listen to Never Gonna Walk Away by Colbie Callet
    It's (one of) our songs.
  6. Re-watch every single dubsmash we have ever made together.
  7. Make and send them Chat Books for Galentines.
  8. Text them "I miss you."
  9. Smile.
    Because they are the best and I get to keep them forever.