(But I still love texting, for the record)
  1. Are they sick of talking yet?
  2. I should probably just shut up
  3. Maybe they want me to keep going. To show I care by keeping the convo going. Maybe they are dying to talk but don't want to bother me.
  4. Am I bugging them?
  5. Ooo, I just thought of something funny/quirky/witty/serious to tell them
  6. But maybe I should wait until later
  7. It's been 12 minutes and they haven't said anything....probably a signal they're done.
  8. Wait! They said one last thing.
  9. Should I just give a one word or emoji response, to signal that I'll chill if they're through talking?
  10. Or I could say nothing and let them be the last person to have said something.
    This gives me the a weird sense of control and power
  11. Nope. Couldn't contains myself. I sent a whole sentence.
  12. Now THEY can end it without saying anything, making me the last one to talk.
  13. Ugh. Now I feel like the clingy friend.
  14. Yep, I'm the one with the last response. They hold all the power. What is life.