Hits for Week of 1/17

Things I'm loving
  1. Goblin (Korean Miniseries 2017)
    An amnesiac grim reaper and an all powerful goblin become reluctant roommates. Hijinks ensue.
  2. Performance by The Xx
    Favorite song off their amazing new album
  3. Sherlock season 4 episode 2
    Season four has been a mess but dang this is a good one.
  4. The Dinner by Herman Koch
    Set in Holland, a great suspenseful read with one hell of an unreliable narrator
  5. Madewell sneakers
    Super comfortable, go with everything
  6. Too Much by Spice Girls
    I have no idea what brought this song back into my life but it really is a classic
  7. Cracked podcast
    Check out the episode from this past weekend about great art that came from horrible mistakes or accidents
  8. Michael Che "Matters"
    One of the funniest stand ups I've seen in awhile...the bit on gentrification and white girls taking whatever they want is inspired.