1. U Talkin' U2 to Me
    This taught me the true meaning of C+, and it makes me say "ep" a lot more than "episode." Sub podcasts are delightful. And it actually made me listen to U2 albums. Now, I know I love the song "Bad." So thanks, Scott and Scott.
  2. Men in Blazers
    These two English dudes receive all of the credit for my becoming a soccer fan.
  3. The Christian O'Connell Breakfast Show (Absolute Radio)
    I started listening when David Tennant co-hosted three eps back in 2009 near the end of his Doctor Who run. And I haven't stopped listening since. Seriously, are there American radio shows that have a similar vibe?
  4. Comedy Bang! Bang!
    This came into my life earlier this year when I binge-watched and became obsessed with Parks and Rec. I started to seek out other things the actors had been involved in. The four Farts and Procreation episodes are perfect (tear).
  5. This American Life
    The episodes are amazing and thought provoking. They often compel me to research the subjects discussed further. My favorite part of each episode is the end, where Ira Glass says, "Back next week with more stories of 'This American Life.'" I love his voice.
  6. StoryCorps
    I'm a firm believer that it's good to cry once in a while. I cannot listen to this podcast without crying. The eps are about five minutes long. Every story makes me cry. Happy tears. Sad tears. Always tears. But it's so worth it. Just wear waterproof makeup before listening.
  7. Wait Wait...Don't Tell Me!
    As I listen, I learn and I laugh. Plus, it introduced me to Paula Poundstone. Her reactions are my favorites.
  8. Pottercast
    This was the first podcast I ever listened to, back in 2006. I still love to listen to old episodes. Unsurprisingly, I'm sure, the Jo eps are my favorites. "Dobby is freeeeeee!"
  9. Never Not Funny
    I love how this is just a random, winding conversation between the hosts and a guest. It never feels like an interview. It's like you're just sitting in the room, talking to your friends for a few hours.
  10. Fresh Air
    Terry is a queen. I love her interview style and questions. Whenever I am interested in a book or a movie or a TV show coming out, I see if Fresh Air has interviewed someone about it. They usually have.