I fucking hate this.
  1. I miss our late night phone calls about nothing and everything
  2. I miss laughing with you about stupid shit
  3. I miss our sushi dinners where I constantly get mad about something you said and you insincerely apologize
  4. I miss our karaoke trips where we sing songs from our teenage years
  5. I miss you coming into my office without warning
  6. I miss our short but sweet smoking area convos
  7. I miss you stealing my food, my drink, my toothpaste
  8. I miss your pathetically skinny body
  9. I miss the way your hair feels
  10. I miss your messy apartment
  11. I miss cuddling in your bed while we pretend to concentrate on whatever movie we rented
  12. I miss you sending me endless pics of yourself from your high school/college days
  13. I miss our bantering
  14. I miss us
  15. I miss you, you awful awful man.