1. gigi hadid (itsgigihadid💋)
    equal parts flawless selfies and junk food. (WHAT SORCERY???)
  2. @john mayer (johnmayer🎸)
    we are all aware on list how funny he is, but seriously, his snaps are solid gold. one night, he did a whole series of snaps of him handwashing all of his luxury white tee shirts in a marble sink. i saw god.
  3. dj khaled (djkhaled305🔑)
    inspiration mixed with paranoid warnings about unknown enemies.
  4. kylie (kylizzlemynizzle👑)
    mainly just her mouthing the words to rap songs in her car. though, she once peeled potatoes for a solid ten minutes and i was hypnotized ( SNAPCHATS I JUST WATCHED WILLINGLY ) and also hated myself afterward.
  5. kim kardashian (kimkardashian🍑)
    shamelessly just looking at herself in every snap. also, the only documented times kanye has ever smiled (ALL smiles occured while listening to his own album in the car).
  6. chrissy teigen (chrissyteigen🍕)
    Puppies! Food! John Legend!
  7. shay mitchell (officialshaym💃🏻)
    mainly just her posing and trying to not look like shes trying to look like kim kardashian (while trying really hard to look like kim kardashian). spends a lot of time joke harassing her assistants/friends. very into talking about pizza bc relatable!
  8. justin badoni from jane the virgin (justinbaldoni👶🏼)
    behinds the scenes at the show and also snaps with his wife and new baby. i, too, got pregnant because of the adorableness.
  9. kate hudson (khudsnaps☀️)
    uses the speed up feature basically every time. a different impression and voice for every filter. depending on my mood, i think these are hilarious or the worst!
  10. @andycohen (andysgotthe411🍦)
    currently, selfies from his glam vacay. mostly lots of snaps of him snuggling with wacha! 🐶🐶🐶
  11. ariana grande (moonlightbae🌙)
    the dog filter, mostly.
  12. (also hi, hello, im bacccck! has everyone forgotten about me?! pls love me!)
  13. Niall Horan (niallhoran)
    Snaps are few and far between, mostly just playing with filters or filming whatever TV he's watching. But it's Niall Horan so.... worth it.
    Suggested by   @allysonarno
  14. Playing with the app like a real bozo. Wants to know IZ KRIST REAL? Zooming in on friends and doing random recordings of conversations and weird filters. A hoot.
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  15. Ingrid Michaelson
    Really funny use of the face warp in videos. Pics/videos of her cute dog. Peeks into her tour/performing life as well as being lazy and funny at home.
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  16. Conversations with her dog Moxie, how-tos on foods like Gushers and Poptarts, some behind the scenes hanging out. Somehow classy even when doing a face warp. How I imagine a mom would snapchat 💜
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  17. Reese Witherspoon (snapsbyreese 🍰)
    She plugs Draper James, says hi with her friends, once did the marshmallow challenge with Peeps, and lots of location shots (barn, sea, sunsets)
    Suggested by   @slg710
  18. Chelsea Handler (chelseahandler)
    Just videos of her rapping about what she's doing. Sometimes surprisingly good rhymes.
    Suggested by   @emg2613
  19. Nick Jonas (@jicknonas)
    Ironically makes fun of buzz-words, expresses love of cold-brew coffee, smokes cigars and makes me turn into this 😍 every time
    Suggested by   @molls_
  20. Gina Rodriguez (hereisgina)
    Similar to Justin Baldoni except it's her POV behind the scenes + occasional breaking into dance
    Suggested by   @brighter
  21. Debby Ryan (heytheredebby)
    v. serious snaps.
    Suggested by   @SpaceCase
  22. John Mulaney- johnemulaney
    Pictures of his dog and generally funny things.
    Suggested by   @clillie
  23. Calvin Harris - (calvinharris)
    Mostly videos of him goofing off and close ups of his food.
    Suggested by   @MatthewAlmont
  24. John Boyega (jboyega)
    Snaps of him and his family. Sometimes there's Star Wars related stuff. Usually very funny.
    Suggested by   @azilat
  25. Chris Pratt (chrisprattsnap)
    He just tweeted today that he has a snap, no stories yet but it's Chris freaking Pratt they're bound to be 🙌
    Suggested by   @mackhesch
  26. The Lonely Island (tliboys)
    Suggested by   @olivia_michele
  27. Ashley Benson (benzo33)
    Suggested by   @olivia_michele