@emilyannlosey and i were both feeling left out bc we didnt sign up for secret santa. so instead we're doing our own not-so-secret santa! 🎅🏻 i just read through all of her lists again, and i think we may have just become BFFS. 👯 thanks for existing, @list ! this is fun.
  1. coffee/mugs
  2. anything related to where you live
    my only california knowledge is garnered strictly from the OC (that's accurate, right?)
  3. any baked good or chocolate
    i do not discrimate here. i like ALL dessert.
  4. your fave beauty/hair product
    cannot get enough of this kind of stuff
  5. jewelry of any kind
    especially rings
  6. mix cd of your fave music
    after stalking your lists i think we have similar taste!
  7. warm socks or mittens
    i'm always cold
  8. anything from target
  9. a cookbook you love
  10. but really, i will love whatever you send! just getting mail is v exciting to me.🎉🎉🎉