i've been to nashville before, but would love any ideas! (mine are mostly food related bc im a monster). sidenote: we did a lot of the touristy stuff last time which is why there's no opry/country music hall of fame, etc listed)
  1. las paletas
    gourmet popsicles are my jam
  2. crema
    have been dreaming of cuban lattes for a year
  3. santa's
    christmas-decorated dive bar in a trailer. always a joy!
  4. white's mercantile
    the prettiest curated general store, owned by one of my favorite musicians (holly williams).
  5. broadway
    gotta do it.
  6. draper james
    fingers crossed reese witherspoon is workin' the cash register. 🙆🏼
  7. Yazoo Brewing Co.
    And take a tour
    Suggested by   @kate81
  8. More Nashville suggestions:
    Rolf & Daughters, amazing meal. Hattie Bs is a MUST for hot chicken. Favorite coffee spots: Barista Parlor and Frothy Monkey. And grab a coffee at Garage Coffee and walk around that amazing building, an old auto factory.
    Suggested by   @Lynnie
  9. Pancake Pantry!
    my mouth is watering just thinking of it. get there early if you go on the weekends, there will be a line.
    Suggested by   @Dustin
  10. The Flying Saucer
    craft beers and (shocker) quality live music, my go to hang when I visit Smashville.
    Suggested by   @Dustin
  11. City House!
    Suggested by   @tothemaxxx
  12. Barista Parlor
    Hipster coffee shop in a garage.
    Suggested by   @jacqanders
  13. Marché for brunch
    Warning: you may have to wait a bit in line... but it's such an adorable place and very delicious!
    Suggested by   @jacqanders