no more of this vague nonsense, I NEED ANSWERS. (these are all shallow questions and i make no apologies)
  1. how many units of botox do you get and specifically where?
    look, we all know you have it, i want details to file away for future use. (*cough* JLO)
  2. precisely how many minutes a day do you work out and specifically what do you do?
    yeah yeah, circuits. barre fitness. RUNYON. but like WHAT EXACT THING makes your legs look like that?? and yes i want you to demonstrate on the red carpet.
  3. what exact skincare products do you use and in what order?
    i do not believe you use the proactiv you endorse, so let's just get real here.
  4. how many times a week do you wash your hair and with what?
    i call bullshit on these once a weekers. and if that is somehow even remotely true, what products really allow you to look presentable on day SIX? after i'm assuming six days of barre class and circuits and hiking??
  5. what makeup products are you really wearing?
    i know you have a cover girl deal, but level with me.
  6. what exact diet do you follow and what does your cheat day really look like?
    if you admit your splurge is like kale chips or something, you get thrown out.
  7. Hypothetically speaking, if you were carrying some kind of drugs on you, where would you be hiding them on your person.. At this moment?
    Suggested by   @olive
  8. How many layers of spanx are you truly wearing? Follow up question: how many people@did it take to assist you into said spanx?
    Suggested by   @michellejennifer
  9. Explain to me precisely how living "carefree" is plausible
    Suggested by   @JongheeQ
  10. How many hours do you predict that magazines will photoshop your photo?
    Suggested by   @margaretyoko
  11. What do you think of
    Suggested by   @prixfixe
  12. "What was Harvey Weinstein like in the sack"
    Suggested by   @JessicaBalboni