i had this magazine--i think i kept it for mayyybe 8 years. and i felt real sadness when i threw it out! embarassing.
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  2. Mary-Kate Olsen
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    Pet Peeve: "When people eat bananas and make that noise." (wait, what noise, MK???)
  3. Ashley Olsen
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    Idols: "Drew Barrymore and “Martha [Stewart], because of, like, everything she’s created within her brand.”
  4. Lindsay Lohan
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    # of Juicy Couture outfits: "A dozen."
  5. Hilary Duff
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    Favorite Lipgloss: "Lancome Juicy Tubes."
  6. Evan Rachel Wood
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    Britney or Christina: "Alanis Morissette." (typical)
  7. Brittany Snow
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    Favorite lip glosses: "MAC Lipglass, Bonne Bell, Urban Decay."
  8. Emily Vancamp
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    Cell phone: "Samsung--I get service everywhere." (everywhere!!)
  9. Alexis Bledel
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    Celebrity crush: “The whole illusion for me is completely gone" (hahahah)
  10. Amanda Bynes
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    Idol: "Jennifer Aniston."
  11. Solange
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    Catchphrase: "Peace out." (SOLANGE FOREVER)
  12. Mandy Moore
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    Celebrity crush: “I have a boyfriend.” (first of all, could you have just answered the question, mandy? second, IT WAS ANDY RODDICK! i forgot this)
  13. Shia LeBeouf
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    Cell phone: "Panasonic-It has a freakin’ camera on it." (dude camera cell phones were a bigggg deal)
  14. Christina Milian
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    Catchphrase: "Cool, Dude."
  15. Daniel Radcliffe
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    Favorite food: "Tuna." (WHAT?!?)
  16. Emma Watson
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    Britney or Christina: "Neither." (even emma watson was a difficult teen once!)
  17. Rupert Grint
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    Fallback job: “Ice-cream man.” (same)
  18. Kaley Cuoco
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    Celebrity crush: "Michael Vartan of Alias."
  19. Lacey Chabert
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    Britney or Christina: "Jessica Simpson." (really?)
  20. Raven Symone
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    Cell phone: "Sprint with a camera." (📷📷📷📷📷📷)
  21. Bow Wow
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    Catchphrase: "Most definitely."
  22. Aaron Carter
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    Celebrity crush: "Hilary Duff." (👀👀👀👀)
  23. Alexa Vega
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    Favorite lip gloss: "Bonne Bell Cotton Candy Lip Smacker."
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