be better, dudes.
  1. you can't spell
    your phone has spellcheck--this shouldn't be a thing!
  2. you pluralize with apostrophes
    lose my number forever
  3. your response rate is terrible
    i don't care that you're "just hanging out" a week later.
  4. you use way too many ellipses
  5. "LOL"
    why god why
  6. My forty-five-year-old brother types "u" instead of "you" and I hate it.
    Suggested by   @biz
  7. Writing 'thx' instead of 'thanks'.
    And every equivalent. It literally takes the same amount of time.
    Suggested by   @Evie
  8. Too much texting just to text. Text me when you have something to say.
    Suggested by   @reconditioner
  9. Not peppering texts with exclamation points here and there. Makes me feel like I'm texting a passive aggressive drone.
    Suggested by   @irenebean
  10. Using ;)
    Skeevs me out every time
    Suggested by   @Marna
  11. Stickers instead of words.
    It's hard enough to read between the lines of a text and now I have to decipher your stickers? Stickers should not be used, except ironically, by men over the age of 17.
    Suggested by   @thesting
  12. overuse of emojis
    Suggested by   @mchelle