as demonstrated by these dreamboats ⛵️
  1. joe manganiello
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    actually a little alarmed here
  2. michael huisman
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  3. jared leto
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  4. clooney
    B78eefea b67e 4740 bc2a 88fe52eb16b8
  5. charlie weber
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    fraaaaank oh my god
  6. jamie dornan
    B3ade7f7 62f1 4ce2 a7f1 5b4353600c54
    needed the beard for 50 shades (NOT THAT I WATCHED THAT FILTH)
  7. jake gylenhaal
    593b4248 ee2d 4964 b25b 22642167556a
    cannot fault tswift for writing 1000 angsty songs about that beard
  8. chris evans
    73448b40 bb39 4b88 a921 69b194703cee
  9. affleck
    9b5269b4 71a7 456c a83a ba0c6f4d8a19
    can we all pour one out for ben's beard? shaving was a mistaaaake.
  10. prince harry
    9a75dc84 d23e 49f2 a646 0f535d1e1512
    i am without speech
  11. david beckhan
    Edf2e464 edd1 460a bbb5 204d5fccb5d0
    #1 DILF
  12. jon hamm
    41f4ed2e 39e6 4280 bf22 bfccde4c0418
    i have googled "jon hamm hiatus beard" too many times to count
  13. fassbender
    2d289d68 fd5e 4ea8 8009 91be082da61f
    would like to get @mindy 's insight into which look she prefers.
  14. Tom Hardy
    F2781dc6 5ed6 48c6 9c30 88d983a8cf3a
    Suggested by @KellyMc
  15. joshua jackson
    338eeb3d ade2 48e0 a6ea d41007f9dddf
    thank god @sally reminded me to put him in!
  16. Alexander Skarsgard 😻
    8ee90df3 8f40 4d41 a6e0 43bce8f93ef6
    Suggested by @CoolStoryKlo
  17. Emoji baby 👶🏽🎅🏽
    Suggested by @jz
  18. Me!
    C9ce78a7 8c94 4e0a b1d7 54098852102b
    Suggested by @zkamenetz