i feel like this varies so much from fam to fam. super interested to see yall's suggestions!
  1. christmas eve: lasagna
  2. christmas day: caramel rolls in the morning, crab legs for dinner.
  3. Christmas Eve
    Usually take out after the Christmas Eve service
    Suggested by   @jessnobs
  4. Eve: lasagna too! Day: stollen (German fruitcakey thing) for breakfast, filet mignon for dinner
    Suggested by   @carey
  5. Christmas Eve: paella, Kebbe + sanbousik (stuffed deliciousness - close to perrogies) and hummus ; Christmas Day lunch: stuffed chicken with rice.
    Suggested by   @jen0leb
  6. Christmas Day
    Homemade cinnamon rolls for breakfast and very casual lunch/dinner, usually cold cuts, chips, etc. My mom loves Christmas and never wants to cook a big dinner and miss the fun. My husband's family does buffet style dinner: ham, pineapple stuffing, kielbasa, spinach balls, etc.
    Suggested by   @jessnobs
  7. Christmas Eve: my mom makes like 20 different appetizers and several pies / Christmas Day: candy in the morning, Chinese take out in the evening
    Suggested by   @meg1
  8. Christmas Eve: used to be lasagna, now everyone has food allergies so this year is chili; Christmas Day: so many apps that we're all still full at dinner, followed by too many cookies.
    Suggested by   @DG
  9. Christmas Eve and Christmas Day dinner is the same: Swedish Meatballs, mashed potatoes, prime rib and a bunch of thanksgiving-like sides. Christmas morning: Swedish pancakes! 😋
    Suggested by   @kelseyroot
  10. Christmas Eve: Lasagna- Me too!
    Suggested by   @kate81
  11. Christmas Eve: Pico de Gallo, Carne Asada and Birthday Cake cause it's my sisters birthday
    Christmas Day: the leftovers
    Suggested by   @catharuin
  12. Christmas Day: a big breakfast like eggs, bacon, bagels, etc. "The ritual" before dinner of drinks and cheese and crackers and homemade clam dip. Dinner is what we quote from How The Grinch Stole Christmas - "Roast Beast." (A good quality prime rib or something along those lines) with potatoes, asparagus, and crescent rolls. Junior's Cheesecake.
    Suggested by   @lizabeth
  13. Christmas Eve is usually lasagna, shrimp or fish appetizer, tiramisu, salad, garlic knots. Christmas morning is bagels with cream cheese and lox, those pillsbury orange rolls, and ham and fruit salad. Also we have a noon to midnight schedule for drinks throughout the season-noon to midnight equals wine and midnight to noon equals coffee.
    Suggested by   @jennifergster
  14. Christmas Eve
    Danish Christmas: the celebration takes place more on Christmas Eve than Christmas Day. First is a herring/shrimp course which also has pickles, mustards etc and is eaten as smørrebrød. I think it's gross. Then the ham, meatballs and caramelized potatoes course. Fuck vegetables, it's Christmas. Desert is a rice pudding dish with cut up almonds in it. There is one whole almond and the person who finds it wins a marzipan pig.
    Suggested by   @matti