A Mountain Getaway 🌲

Last weekend I spent a few days in the mountains with friends, these are pictures from our adventures
  1. The guesthouse we stayed in was magical and made me feel like the seven dwarfs would be home any minute
  2. Woke up to watch the sunrise and it was well worth it
  3. Convinced my sleepy friends to go exploring with me
  4. We found a creek and crossed it
  5. Found a boulder and climbed it
  6. And took lots of pics along the way
  7. And sang The Sound of Music at the top of our lungs
  8. Then we came home and I wrote
  9. And baked cookies
  10. And I wrote some more
  11. I found a tree stump and wrote some more
  12. On morning two I woke up before sunrise and took a bath
  13. How could I not look at this elegant tub
  14. Then I said my goodbyes to this magical land
  15. And came back home refreshed