1. *Ordering food in English*
    "Can I have three balls of ice cream?"
  2. All purpose cleaner means all purpose... Including clothes
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  3. *For the Swede*
    Goes to Ikea casually because it feels like home
  4. "Well our money is waterproof and smells like maple soooo..."
  5. Speaking English is harder when tired
    When having conversations late at night suddenly they will no longer be speaking English and I have to tell them to try again because their inner translator ran out of battery
  6. Santa doesn't exist for everyone
    In Iceland they don't have Santa. They have the 12 Christmas trolls beloved by all who bring gifts each night to count down to Christmas, but beware of the Christmas Cat. He eats the kids who don't get new clothes.
  7. "Can I use your hair fan?"
    This one took me a second.. Hair fan? Then I realized... She meant blow dryer
  8. "Ya it's really sad Puffins are endangered now so we can't eat them anymore.. They taste so good"
  9. Math and Science weren't required her last two years of high school instead she learned 11 languages
    Yaaaaa... 11
  10. When playing music in the room be prepared for anything
    From the classic 2000's to French rap music anything is possible when handed the six cord
  11. Trying to explain why you tip your waiter
    It's a hard concept to understand, the fact that they are getting paid less than minimum wage so you tip them because that's how they make it in life. Apparently that's not how it works elsewhere
  12. "Your coins are so hard to tell apart and why is this one smaller than the penny but worth more??"
  13. "Ya it's so good...but I also eat fermented shark sooo"