1. While leisurely getting ready the other morning I had the song year 3000 stuck in my head
  2. As I began to sing it under my breath and do my make up I got to the line that says
  3. "Everybody bought our 7th album"
  4. Then I began to ponder how many albums the Jonas Brothers have
  5. And I had this thought
  6. What if the Jonas Brothers released 6 albums and then planned on releasing the 7th in like 10 years, and everyone would buy it because it was like a thing and they called it "the 7th album"
  7. And this had been a master plan since they first started making music
  8. I quickly googled how many albums the Jonas Brothers have released
  9. And guess what?
  10. It's 3
  11. They've only released 3 albums
  12. So there's no genius plan
  13. And honestly I was a little crushed