I did a year of service with the ELCA last year in Argentina. One of the goals of the program is to become "globally formed and informed." I often found myself thinking the phrase, "the world is..." and eventually started to write down how I finished that thought.
  1. Resplendent
    An almost daily thought, generally at sunset or walking down the street, feeling particularly grateful and joyful.
  2. So big.
    For the times when I was overwhelmed and felt out of my element.
  3. So small.
    Our similarities are greater than our differences. Also, I ran into a friend from Ohio while I was renewing my visa in Uruguay.
  4. Really something.
    A cop out. I guess this usually described the moments where I felt so much gratitude for things and people I got to experience. But also frustration with systems and power structures that leave a lot of people feeling helpless.
  5. Repetitive.
    On a small scale, most of daily life is doing the same kinds of things we did the day before. Bigger picture, history repeats itself, larger themes tend to emerge over and over.
  6. Broken.
    Power structures and injustices left a lot of the people I worked with in situations that were less than ideal. Like, sick from poor sanitation infrastructure.
  7. Mine.
    Some days I just had to remind myself that I was making it. I was really doing it! Living on my own in a foreign country!
  8. A cookie.
    MY COOKIE! AND IM GONNA EAT IT! This is from Rugrats: The Musical, I think. Extra confidence boost, especially while craving homemade chocolate chip cookies.