I've got cancer again and I want...

I'm Amanda and I'm 36 and I've got ovarian cancer for the 4th time in almost 8 years. I think this makes me a professional cancer survivor. I'm so happy to be #notdeadyet and going to keep that going as long as I can!
  1. To be able to do anything (literally anything else) in the same day I workout.
    I personally love Orange Theory Fitness which is an intense interval training group workout (and I'm super impressed with myself that I can hack it)! I can only go twice a week though because otherwise I'd never actually do much else or see anyone. When I say it wipes me out - I have to sit in the car for like 3 songs afterwards before I can even drive the mile home and then I have to work on getting up enough energy to shower. That's my day!
  2. A healthy diet that won't make me sick to appear already prepared for me.
    Eating can be a challenge on the meds that I have to take. Since my meds and what my colon can handle changes, it's tough to keep up with what food works for me at any given time. The energy that it takes to purchase and prep the right food often leaves me no energy for anything else. This makes eating my full-time job some days.
  3. My paperwork to magically organize itself.
    I technically have a file cabinet and some colored folders, but some of the actual stuff that needs to be filed is sitting on the floor near the cabinet with some clothes on top from the last suitcase I didn't really unpack yet. Who knows where the rest of the paperwork is but some is also in electronic medical file hell across many different hospitals (which makes it very messy too). All this overwhelmes me - so I just ignore it!
  4. My hair to make a real ponytail.
    A year post hair-fall-out chemo and this is all I can muster. (I've still had 2 more not-hair-fall-out chemos since that just have other terrible side effects.)
  5. To reach out to everyone else fighting cancer again (or for the first time) and send them love and strength!
    We can do this! There are so many beautiful moments of life still ahead no matter what our prognosis is! We will have fun and laugh and even make new friends! We will inspire others with our strength and give them perspective (that will hopefully keep them from bitching about life's little nothings). We will heal our hearts and our minds and our bodies as best we can. I'll be thinking of you! You are not alone and I'm cheering for you!