My favorite things to eat in Detroit

We have an awesome variety of great food but these are the things I miss the most when I'm away!
  1. A Coney and a Baby Greek
    I like mine with cheese minus onions. This means a hot dog on a bun with shredded cheese on top and then chili without beans and mustard. On the side you get the perfect tiny Greek salad with creamy dressing and warm pita bread. It's amazing!
  2. Perogies
    We have the best and you can buy them classic or with more adventurous flavors!
  3. Shawarma with garlic sauce
    Honestly I could put that garlic sauce on anything! In the Detroit metro area you are never more than 5 miles from some great middle eastern food.
  4. Apple cider donuts
    They signal that it's fall and make everyone happy!
  5. Social Sushi!
    Sushi in the city? Yep! Saturday nights at Our/Detroit Vodka on Bagley behind the train station you can get Social Sushi! Try the Whatupdoe Roll for sure!