Public transportation can be stressful....especially in a foreign country.
  1. Washington DC
    My wallet fell out of my bag. Someone turned it into lost and found minus my cash!
  2. Paris
    The doors started to close and my 8 year old was not off the train yet. He did not see the urgency of hurrying! I grabbed him and jerked him off!
  3. Amsterdam
    The tram was so crowded. At our stop, my 10 year old and I jumped off. The tram started going and my husband and 8 year old were not able to get through the crowd to get off. When my son and I hopped back on the next tram, the conductor asked for our tickets. I didn't have my son's ticket and I had no money. Thankfully, he had mercy!
  4. Berlin
    We were taking the bullet train to Berlin via a regional train from Kaiserslautern to Mannheim. We had one transfer stop. We got off at the wrong stop. We had to find a different connector to get us to Mannheim. The platform was dead! No one around to translate! Somehow, we managed to make it within minutes!!!
  5. Rome
    We had tickets from Viterbo to Rome. As newbies, we didn't know we had to validate our tickets before getting on the train. At our stop, a conductor checked our tickets and told us we had to pay full price again. We refused, and jumped off!