Things I learned while selling concessions at my middle schooler's field day

  1. Middle schooler's are very picky with their Gatorade favors!
    They distinguish between light blue, bright blue, and dark blue.
  2. Middle schooler's LOVE hot chips!
    All hot chips-hot Funyuns, hot Cheetos, hot Doritos!!
  3. Middle schooler's carry big amounts of cash!
    I was shocked at the number of $20s each kid had! When I was in middle school, I had to steal change out of my dad's change jar!
  4. Middle schooler's CAN be very polite and they are eager to help if asked!
    I was called ma'am all day! Also, if I asked one kid to help carry something heavy, three more volunteered!
  5. Once kids get to middle school, the parents stop volunteering!
    We had 8 parents and 800 students. It was really sad!
  6. Lastly, my sixth grader is the most confident kid I have ever seen!
    I noticed him alone (playing games) all day. I asked where his friends were and he said they were with their girlfriends or playing a game he didn't want to play. He would rather do things he enjoys alone than watching his friends do stuff he doesn't enjoy!