Before I landed at my current job, which I love, I had a really rough time at a job, so have lots of thoughts on this. Thanks for asking, @oligear!
  1. First off, there are different types of jobs you hate - the job you hate because it's a low rung on the ladder you want to be climbing (agency assistant, first year associate, etc), and the job you hate because it's what you need to do to make money while you pursue your passion in off hours.
    Both are hard in different ways and I'll attempt to speak to both here.
  2. If it's a job you hate but it's in your field of choice and it seems like you will get to the next rung of that ladder by succeeding in it:
    Remind yourself that this is just a means to an end. The brutal stories of the day to day grind will one day be tales you and your friends laugh about over drinks. Your jerky boss is temporary. Your terrible work hours are temporary. Crush this job - use the hatred to fuel the good work you do - then get promoted and never look back.
  3. If it's a job you hate but need to do it to pay the bills while you pursue your true passion (ie you're a writer who's perfecting your novel by day and waiting tables by night):
    This job is also a means to an end. On one hand, it can feel more frustrating because you aren't spending your working hours actively doing something that propels you to the next stage of your career, but on the other, it's a motivator to hurry up and finish that screenplay or start-up business plan or whatever. And since you're not looking to climb the current job's particular ladder, you can do the job without getting emotional about it.
  4. Some suggestions applicable to both situations:
    Smile. Make friends with your colleagues - you don't have to be besties, but life is easier when people get along. Make your life easier. When absurd things, frustrating things, upsetting things happen, give yourself a moment to be mad and then move on. Make a list about it! Write it in a journal and save it for chapter 8 of your autobiography. Everything is material.
  5. There is, of course, a third type of job you hate: the job you hate and isn't getting you anywhere. You're not making connections in the industry you're passionate about and you don't have time outside that job to follow that passion.
    Then why the FUCK are you doing that job? If you're somewhere that is slowly draining your energy, creativity, and happiness, GET OUT. Lots of people stay in jobs like this for the money. If you love the salary enough to stay in a job you hate, then just remind yourself that while you hate the job, you love the money and what that money allows you to do (travel, send kids to school, etc). But if you truly hate the job then think about maybe sacrificing some dollars for some happiness?
  6. My two cents: pursue what you love. But remember that the road to get to the ideal job can be paved with ones that are less ideal. Only you can decide what's worth it and what isn't.
    Some knocks are worth taking. Some aren't. You will know the difference. My guess is you already do.
  7. Let a job you hate teach you what you want and don't want in future jobs. If there's something specific you hate about this job, then when you're looking for your next job, avoid this aspect.
    Suggested by @ava