Thank you @NKraft - this is fun!
  1. Paper Moon
    Tatum O'Neal is an adorable grifter moppet who steals both money and the show (see what I did there).
  2. Taken 2, Taken 3
    Idiot bad guys who didn't get the memo on Liam Neeson's very particular set of skills or maybe did but didn't take it seriously take his annoying daughter (sorry Maggie Grace I blame the character not your acting) again. And maybe also his wife? Honestly, to have your family get taken THREE TIMES kinda seems like a "you" problem, not a "them" problem. Get some better security, dude.
  3. Predator
    Ah-nold is a military dude who hunts Predators, who I think are aliens? Are they on an alien planet maybe?
  4. Still Alice
    Julianne Moore has Alzheimer's and wins an Oscar (not in the movie). Kristen Stewart is her daughter and mumbles a lot. Honestly I have no idea what the plot of this movie is beyond "Alzheimer's" and all the sad feels that entails.
  5. Gone With the Wind
    I feel like I've seen this because everyone has seen it/pretends to have seen it but I totally haven't (or read the book). Scarlett O'Hara is a spoiled southern brat who has a bunch of suitors but only likes the dude who throws shade at her, Rhett Butler. Then it's the Civil War and the guys go to fight and Atlanta burns and Scarlett makes a dress out of curtains. Also at some point their daughter falls off a horse, which I know b/c it scarred my best friend in elem school for life.