I left out Abby, I know. She showed up after I was way too old to admit still reading these books so, um, I never read the ones she was in. Or if I did she was just super forgettable, okay?
  1. Stacey
    She was from NYC, gorgeous, and had the double sympathetic whammy of divorced parents and diabetes. Later she decided she was too cool for the BSC but saw the error of her ways after - I think - getting in trouble for drinking at a rock concert.
  2. Mary Anne
    She had such pretty handwriting and a super serious boyfriend. Also, she cried about EVERYTHING, which was also one of my less-lovable traits as a tween, so I've gotta be team Mary Anne.
  3. Dawn
    She was from California. I live here now. Also she had a secret passage - complete with ghost - in her house.
  4. Shannon
    Bitchy mean girl from Kristy's rich neighborhood who turned nice inexplicably and then became an associate member. I maybe have a soft spot for bitchy mean girls (see number 1).
  5. Logan
    Mary Anne's hot boyfriend. He was pussy-whipped into joining the club. I don't blame him, Mary Anne probably cried until he agreed.
  6. Kristy
    I would have rated her lower but I think much of her control-freak behavior was due to her desperately trying to hide her massive crush on Mary Anne. I hope Kristy is now happily married to a nice lady and not bossing everyone around.
  7. Claudia
    Plus 100 for hiding junk food around her room, an experiment I tried and failed at (ate most of it within a day, forgot about the rest, discovered melted Hershey bars at the back of my closet months later). Minus 1000 for her terrible spelling. I mean, it was really bad. Pull it together, Claudia.
  8. Jessi
    Huge props for spelling her name with an i and not a y - respect. Negative points for being bff with...
  9. Mallory
    No one likes Mallory. Seriously. She was the worst. Her parents probably had 7 kids after she was born because they were hoping she'd run off.