"He" used here, but of course it could be "she" just as easily. Just didn't want to type s/he 100 times.
  1. You broke up with him:
    Grab friends and go out on the town. Drink cocktails, or don't. Or stay home and invite friends over. Or don't invite anyone. Regardless, celebrate that you made the right choice. You broke up with him for a reason - maybe an easy reason, maybe a hard reason, it maybe seems like an easy reason (he cheated!) but is still a hard reason (I thought he was the love of my life). Every day you spent in the bad relationship was a waste of your time. You're now poised to find the good relationship.
  2. He broke up with you:
    Again, go out, stay in, whatever makes you happiest. Wherever you are, send a "thank you" out into the universe. Know why? Because he was wasting your time. If he didn't see the wonderful things you bring to the world, he's not worth your attention. Move on. If him breaking up with you is due to a negative behavior on your end (addiction, cheating, lying...), be honest with yourself and work on that. Don't, however, beat yourself up or blame yourself for things you didn't do.
  3. It was mutual:
    You both realized you cared a lot for each other but it just wasn't working anymore. Mourn the relationship - together or separately. Then, as above, feel glad you now are free to find someone with whom it IS working.
  4. Things I have done that cheered me up after a breakup:
    *Dined at Le Pain Quotidien alone, champagne and quiche for one. He called me to apologize and I let it go to voicemail. *Gone for a long run with a badass playlist anchored by Kelly Clarkson aka the breakup whisperer. *Laid on my best friend's couch and cried, then watched shitty movies til way too late. *Laughed and laughed and laughed when I thought about how I almost settled for someone who treated me the way he did.
  5. And then you pick yourself up, and dust yourself off, and start all over again.
    Go on lots of dates. Date people you never would have in the past. Strike up conversations with the cute guy at the coffee shop or the bar or the car wash. SIGN UP FOR INTERNET DATING, it's 2015 and it's not weird anymore (it never was). And also give yourself some time and some slack. You don't need to be in another relationship right away. Take a breath. Pick up a new hobby. And when you're not even expecting it...
  6. You'll meet someone amazing.
    And it'll work out, or it won't, but it's all part of your story. Don't settle for someone or something that isn't right. And don't despair if the thing you thought was right turns out not to be. It's a long life, and you are the one writing the story.
  7. You. No one else. Have faith.