Jumping in! (As @rightordoyle said, these are classics to me, at least, but this did kind of morph into "my favorites," which was not strictly the assignment.)
  1. Notorious
    As @zoe said, the beginning of our love affair. This movie, to quote Stefan from SNL, HAS EVERYTHING: a complicated female protagonist, two insanely amazing actors in the leading roles, and is essentially a romance disguised as a spy thriller. This movie is delicious and I adore it. And yes I did just quote Stefan from SNL while raving about a classic Hitchcock film. I have layers.
  2. Clueless
    Amy Heckerling's genius film works whether or not you realize it's based on Emma. Alicia Silverstone turns in an indelible performance as a huge-hearted and totally wired in teen (one shudders to think what Cher would be able to do in the age of Facebook) who can't see what's right in front of her. I'm not too proud to admit that I get goosebumps every time Cher realizes "wait a minute...I love Josh" by that fountain.
  3. Singin In The Rain
  4. Shadow of a Doubt
    Another Hitchcock, I know. This is the movie that made me realize I wanted to work in entertainment. Genius storytelling and suspense. Also I was and still am kind of a sucker for anything with a young female protagonist. Teenage narcissism at its best (my own, I mean, though one could make a case for Charlie's in the film as well).
  5. The Usual Suspects
    I could complain all day about how this movie is kind of like an "it was all a dream" ending because if (twenty-year-old spoiler alert) Verbal made up the whole story then who knows WHAT (beyond the events that Kujan knows about) really happened, but this movie rocked my world when I first saw it and it holds up incredibly well today.
  6. The Sweet Hereafter
    I keep waiting for Atom Egoyan to make another one as soulful, moving, and emotionally complex as this film. Anchored by strong performances by Sarah Polley (formerly known to me only as the Disney Channel's Anne of Avonlea) and Ian Holm, this film still lives in my heart.