I have the German cast recording of Joseph and it never fails to embarrass me that I can sing every line (in English) along with the cast (in German). This is what it's like to be in the car w me:
  1. It was Red and
  2. Yellow and
  3. Green and
  4. Brown and
  5. Scarlet and
  6. Black and
  7. Ochre and
    I think this song is how I learned the word ochre.
  8. Peach and
  9. Ruby and
  10. Olive and
  11. Violet and
  12. Fawn and
    I hope the olive and the fawn weren't too close together, this coat is starting to sound puke-colored.
  13. Lilac and
  14. Gold and
  15. Chocolate and
    How is chocolate different from brown?
  16. Mauve and
  17. Cream and
  18. Crimson and
  19. Silver and
  20. Rose and
    The previous four are always my favorites to sing in (an attempt to do) harmony
  21. Azure and
  22. Lemon and
    Okay, Andrew Lloyd Webber, now you're really reaching. Lemon is not a shade of yellow, it's just yellow. I call bullshit. Or should I say bull-chocolate?
  23. Russet and
  24. Grey and
  25. Purple and
  26. White and
  27. Pink and
  28. Orange and
  29. Blue!
    Not sure why blue gets the "and special guest star" treatment, but it does seem fitting to start the song with red and end with blue somehow. And maybe yellow's in there twice to make up for it not getting a pole position? Though how can we account for the large variety of brown/brownish shades? Was Jacob color-blind?