How could I not jump in on this? @onlinealison, genius list idea. Curious what @paigeyp @videodrew @ruddybuddy @mianguyen @benkorell @doesntmattr and others have to say!
  1. Setting: the Top Chef kitchen
    Richard Blais is handling the menu, aided by sous chef Fabio (because I love their easy friendship - Fabio's accent is a bonus).
  2. Tyra Banks, America's Next Top Model
    Tyra realized her days as a cover girl were numbered and figured out a way to build a multimedia empire to stay relevant. She also coined terms including smize and booty tooch. Who wouldn't want her at a party?
  3. Christi (Chloe's mom), Dance Moms
    Christi is a hilarious, sassy woman who loves her kid so much she took her away from Abby's studio (and therefore off the show) after finally getting fed up with Abby's abuse. Chloe is a talented dancer and Christi has come prepared with lots of updates about what she's working on now. She and Tyra hit it off immediately and gossip in the corner most of the night.
  4. Jeff Probst, Survivor
    Obviously. Even though he shows up and is a little judgey about all the other guests. Survivor doesn't play in the same sandbox as Dance Moms, though Christi is kind of a coug...(Jeff is likely older than Christi, but he'll still call her a coug).
  5. TJ Lavin, The Challenge
    I will monopolize TJ the entire night because I have approximately one million questions about behind the scenes shit at that show. Also, he's adorable. Is he single? Should we set him up with...
  6. Jackie Bob, Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders: Making the Team
    This show is a hidden gem, and Jackie Bob - squad captain for years and now maybe retired (?) is a total delight. If she and Teej don't hit it off, maybe she and Fabio will?
  7. Alton Brown, Chopped and a billion other Food Network shows
    He describes each course as they come out, because Blais is too flustered and Fabio too incomprehensible to do so. He also seems like someone who has a ton of random knowledge about weird stuff and I want him to join my imaginary pub quiz team.
  8. Oprah, every show on OWN where she gives people tough love.
    If Oprah's an option, you always pick Oprah. Duh.
  9. Can I invite CT? 😍😍😍😍 #swoon
    Suggested by @jansonebwoodlee