I told @dev and @Grosstastic about my time as a junior high schooler w/a double life: eighth grade mean girl by day, CompuServe maven by night. All of the below is true.
  1. My handle was Princess Cassima, my main hangout the Village Inn, the "misc" board in the gaming forum.
    I ostensibly was on the forum to provide help for the King's Quest games (hence my handle, a badass brunette featured in games 5 and 6), but I - as did most of the other regulars - spent most of my time in the VI, chatting with a seriously motley crew who ranged in age from 13 (me) to 40-something.
  2. I had a CompuServe bestie, Aliera, who was my age and whose real name was Hillary
    We would send each other insanely long off-board emails and also had each other's back on the boards and I tried to Google her a few months ago but found nothing substantial but just tried again now and HOLY EFF I THINK I FOUND HER I MAY NEED TO AMEND MY "COOLEST THING I LEARNED TODAY" LIST. I am going to email this chick right now.
  3. I had a nemesis named Flying Gerbil
    An older teenage dude who used to pick on Aliera and me, probably in a misguided attempt to flirt.
  4. I was given a crown to wear when I played Cinderella's fairy godmother in the junior high musical.
    This nice woman MissVikki sent it to me and told me to keep it. Such a lovely random act of kindness. I still have it.
  5. These two hilarious adults, akamwj and LadyT, met on the board and - unbeknownst to the rest of us for some time - fell in love.
    They got married and hopefully still are! I tried googling to see but no luck yet.
  6. akamwj used to write stories about the adventures of Cassima and Aliera
    Stories of these two kick-ass teens who basically killed it in everything they did. Looking back, I think a lot of these people saw us as the kids they never had? Kind of heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time.
  7. Eventually, high school and all it entailed dragged me away from my online world and all the people in it.
    Though I can and probably should make another list called "people I pretended to be on AOL as a teenager." My friends and I were mean. Sorry.
  8. But overall I think back so fondly on this little world - it was an escape from the growing pressures of school, both academically and socially, and I think it kept me a little nicer for a little longer.
    I just sent the girl who is maybe Aliera an email. I hope she writes back. Stay tuned.