@benkorell I love the #flf idea. Everyone else, get in on this!
  1. Michelle Obama
    We meet for margaritas weekly (@amyamy comes when she isn't stuck at work) and she gives me advice on how to raise cool, normal kids in a crazy environment. She wants me to cook more but that's just never going to be my thing. Sometimes Barack and @bonifaceviii play basketball while we're hanging out.
  2. The Manning Brothers
    Peyton comes over and watches football with us. Eli takes me furniture shopping and we talk about the latest episode of whatever BBC drama we're both into.
  3. Rick Bayless
    He also thinks I should cook more, but when I have a Top Chef hanging out making Mexican food every Sunday, why would I?
  4. Jillian Michaels
    She shows up every now and then when I've been lazy about my workout and screams at me until I go to the gym. It's very effective.
  5. Jeff Probst
    He comes over to give me inside Survivor scoop every Wed night but I think I may stop inviting him because he's a super picky eater, we always have to make an extra trip to Whole Foods for whatever organic fad he's into that week and honestly I'm pretty sick of it.