Yay! I love list requests! Thanks @sophia! This is a short list but short because I can't pick 100 favorites - but everyone pls feel free to add yours and why!
  1. Red
    Red is bold. Red don't give a fuck. Red is the sassy retort you think but are too polite to say. Red is what I always want to be but only sometimes am.
  2. Sunset
    That hazy pinky color, best looked at sitting outside with friends and a bottle or two of rose (to match). Sunset is lazy but also gives you permission to be lazy...
  3. Silver
    I never understand why people say "grey" hair. I have several silver strands and I adore them. A friend has had a silver streak since college and I always thought it was so special. Even Anna from Frozen got in on the action (spoiler?).
  4. Teal
    It's just dope
    Suggested by @sophia