A story about how your mind can change.
  1. The first time after I joined that there was an influx of newbies it somehow felt like too many people and I was all "noooooo what about our secret little community."
    But then everyone was delightful and added so much and now it feels like they've been here forever.
  2. So now at this point I'm all "heyyyyyyy come on in," but maybe the people who joined in the last few rounds feel the way I felt then?
    What I'm saying is: don't feel that way. In like two days it'll be like they were always here and that is truly 💯.
  3. @richardrushfield I had this list in my drafts and wasn't going to publish it but then I saw your list and felt like as your Lannister BFF I had to shout it out. 💕💕