Last day of beta and I'm feeling all the feels.
  1. Nostalgic.
    GUYS remember that time we had a meet-up at the Village Idiot and it was 1000 degrees?
  2. Apprehensive.
    New people are going to swarm into our little private bubble and what if everyone just goes back to being cliquey with the folks they're friends with IRL? Actually, that seems super unlikely with this love-fest of a crew. (Takes deep breath)
  3. Excited.
    @bjnovak and @dev and the rest of the badass ListApp crew have created a truly wonderful app and community and I am so, so happy for the whole team that their baby will finally be introduced to the world.
  4. Tired.
    This isn't related to the app going public, just wanted to complain.
  5. So unbelievably thankful.
    Thankful for all of the new people I've gotten to meet via this app, be it virtually or in person. Thankful for the humor, advice, information, and - most of all - honesty you have all shared. Let's not let that stop when the app goes live.
  6. You are all 💯.