These folks are various levels of diabolical and insane but yet somehow I see little similarities. JUST LITTLE ONES DON'T CALL THE POLICE
  1. Tracy Flick, Election
    I may or may not have also heard that scary jungle music in my head at times in high school. I definitely did not sleep with my teachers though.
  2. Veronica Lodge, Archie comics.
    It's not her fault Archie likes her and not Betty (most of the time). She's hot and has a bitchin house, which is kind of all high school boys want, right? Honestly, though, those two girls deserve better than a dude who can't make up his mind.
  3. Daisy Miller, Daisy Miller.
    Clever little reprobate. Go read it if you haven't.
  4. Bella Wilfer, Our Mutual Friend
    She wants to marry a guy who is both hot and rich, falls for a poor dude, comes to terms with it, then - 150 year old spoiler alert - discovers he's secretly been rich all along! Score. Also she really loves her dad, which makes all her "I want a rich husband" stuff slightly less annoying. I just enjoy her honesty.
  5. Undine Spragg, The Custom of the Country
    Probably the second-worst person on this list, but - come on - she lived in a time when women HAD to marry for status - she couldn't work her way up to glory on her own. Tell me Hillary Clinton wouldn't have done the same thing. (Or did she...? Don't get mad I love me some Hillary)
  6. Cersei Lannister Baratheon, Game of Thrones
    Book Cersei is a POV char so more nuanced. Still the worst on this list, but (like Undine) she didn't have a ton of options. She got forced to marry a fat alcoholic she hated (while she was in love with her twin brother - listen, it was back in the day and all the Targaryens did it and no one hates on them) and after HER SON WAS MURDERED she attempted to extract revenge on the likely suspect. I admire her steely tho psychotic determination. See how I react when you kill my kid.* *pls don't
  7. Jerrica/Jem, Jem
    I also turn into a rock star when I touch my earrings and say "showtime, synergy." Her only despicable move is that she makes poor Rio think he's two-timing Jerrica with Jem and vice versa. I never understood how either of them were okay with that.