My life became immeasurably better when I decided it was okay to love the things I love wholeheartedly even if they weren't "cool." Here are some things I love that you might not love. That's okay if you don't - I might not love the things you love (especially if it's camping) - but let's all let people love their things.
  1. Title is from my favorite anecdote in Tina Fey's BOSSYPANTS, a hilarious read and a real commentary on being both a woman and the boss. I think about the wisdom and humor in this book all the time, especially this story.
    Story (paraphrased from memory) is that Amy Poehler was doing something goofy/unladylike at SNL rehearsal and Jimmy Fallon said "stop it, that's not cute, I don't like it!" Amy turns to him and stone cold serious says "I don't care if you like it." A comment on how we as women do not perform for the enjoyment and approval of men, but also a great blanket statement about doing what you want without being insecure about critics.
  2. List is inspired by a mean girl colleague turning up her nose when I told her @bonifaceviii and I were throwing a murder mystery night over the weekend. She looked as if I had murdered a puppy and handed her the corpse.
    Guess what? It was fucking awesome. The murder mystery party, I mean. Not the imaginary dead puppy. Anyway, here are some other things I love 💯 and don't care if you don't. But if you do I'm here to chat!
  3. Survivor
    30 seasons in, still some of the most compelling shit on TV. A true look at human interaction and how ultimately being able to get along with people/make people like you is more important than brains, brawn, or good looks. Entertainment value goes up when you realize after 30 seasons the majority of contestants haven't realized that.
  4. Disneyland
    So much fun. I can't wait to bring my future kids and see it through their eyes. Adore this place and the kindness and good cheer that the employees imbue the park with - I think it spreads to the visitors in such a great way.
  5. Country music
    Those who believe all country artists are right wing rednecks who think women belong in the kitchen are sorely mistaken. Check out Miranda Lambert, Kacey Musgraves, Maddy and Tae ("Girl in a Country Song" is delightfully on the nose), and then look back to greats like Dolly and Reba to realize that women were crushing it in country all along. And the men ain't too bad either - Brad Paisley's humor, Hunter Hayes' youthful glee, and Tim McGraw's everything, to name a few.
  6. Diet Coke
    So you wanna tell me how the chemicals will give me cancer? Why don't you continue looking up that article you read that proves it's true on your smart phone that is also giving us cancer while we stand outside in polluted air or inside not getting enough sunlight or while eating processed food you see what I'm getting at here. I'm not arguing Diet Coke is good for you, but let a girl have a few vices! I won't lecture you on your Starbucks habit, deal?
  7. Passion
    I get teased at work and elsewhere for caring so, so unironically about the shows I work on and the things I love (ala above examples), and you know what? I don't care. I don't care if you don't think it's cool to love the things I love. I'm gonna love them with zero eye rolls and zero hip remarks about how it's so basic to love the stuff I love. Call me basic. I'm not insulted. The day I start getting embarrassed about loving things with all my heart is the day the (emotional) terrorists win.
  8. Generally having tastes that speak for the general public!!!!
    Speaking as a friend of Mandi, she almost always knows what the people will like, which is an invaluable skill in her line o' work.
    Suggested by @zoe