As a teenager, it was SO UNFAIR that my parents didn't allow me to do/have this stuff. Now I understand why. My teen self is pissed that I'm admitting this publicly.
  1. Put bumper stickers on our cars.
    "But dad, why WOULDN'T you want everyone to know that we support AYSO soccer?" I was especially envious of stickers that bragged that the driver's kid was an honor student at such-and-such middle school (my school didn't give those out OR IF THEY DID THEY CLEVERLY HID IT FROM ME). Now I see people with those braggy bumper stickers on the freeway and am like ugh. This might still be partially due to jealousy, but at least partially due to good taste.
  2. Talk long-distance for hours at a time.
    I had a lot of camp friends. We used to watch TV while on the phone together. My parents got the bill and were like ummmmm nope. My response then: WHY DON'T YOU WANT ME TO HAVE FRIENDS?!? My response now: yeah, that's a huge fucking waste of money.
  3. Go to weekend keg parties on the golf course.
    Well, they did actually let me, they just strongly disapproved and told me that if I drank underage not only would I NEVER GET INTO COLLEGE they also would be very disappointed in me. I now have a better idea of why you wouldn't want your 15-year-old daughter trespassing on a golf course with a bunch of teens and booze.
  4. Have my boyfriend over when they weren't home.
    The way I got around this one was that we parked my car in my driveway and made out in it instead. My HS boyfriend most likely wasn't going to rape me, but I now understand why the idea of your daughter being like "yeah, come over, my parents left and they don't care if you're here" was not my parents' favorite.