Guys. I adored meeting all of you. This community is not just rad in virtual life, but in real life as well. Feel free to add memories and pictures below! Here's to many more!
  1. 5:58 - bonifaceviii and I arrive. We order drinks and I look at how enormous and empty the room is.
    What if no one comes?!
  2. @amyamy arrives first, because she knows I am worrying no one will come and this is just one of the billion reasons she is a perfect friend.
  3. @michelle and @yesthatdavid are also part of the early arrivers - we all are unsure (well, I am) whether to sit or stand or what, but everyone's chatting and it's kind of as un-awkward as it could be.
  4. More people come! It's a real party! I think waitress Vanessa is getting a little overwhelmed.
  5. I meet @MissBicks and immediately request a Bloodline sidebar. We are excited for season 2 but also have some questions.
  6. It's super hot in here at this point and I'm concerned that I am a sweaty gross mess.
  7. @benkorell and @paigeyp arrive with nametags. It is not an exaggeration to say this made the party. It did.
    People love a nametag. It also makes it way easier to talk to everyone.
  8. @sophia has the balls to open the emergency exit because seriously it is a thousand degrees.
    The alarm does not go off. She is a hero to everyone at the party.
  9. Our esteemed founders @bjnovak and @dev show up. I hope that the party meets whatever expectations they may have.
  10. Suddenly like 500 people show up. I don't even know how to describe it, we just hit a moment where it went from a well-populated room to a fucking CROWD.
    Expectations? Exceeded. Mine, at least.
  11. I get really excited and start hugging everyone who comes in.
    Sorry for the people who were overwhelmed by that, I got overly happy that people - people I LIKE - showed up! I didn't mean to invade your personal space:
  12. Waitress Vanessa maybe wants to kill us.
    Sorry, Vanessa - you were awesome and I hope people tipped you well!
  13. @sophia continues to be a party genius and orders food.
    Thank you!
  14. I get to chat with so many amazing people I hadn't met before - @hollis, @NKraft, @Z, @carolineschwartz, @sjinwards, @samantharonson, @jon etc etc.
    And see some I have - @Grosstastic @sophia @garrett @jonathon - who I always enjoy.
  15. @bonifaceviii and I pull a French Exit because we both have work to do and if I tried to say goodbye to everyone we'd be there forever.
    I said goodbye to all of you in my heart, I promise.
  16. Let's do it again soon! Til then, add your thoughts here!
  17. Bigger venue w/ better acoustics
    Suggested by @benkorell
  18. Buttons/pins with everyone's listapp pic.
    This is no simple task but maybe someone has a button hookup. Or knows the URL for cafepress.
    Suggested by @johnnyartpants
  19. List App super stars @sophia @patrickrogers & @mia formed a cool kids clique
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    Suggested by @bjnovak
  20. Bonus shot: earlier in the day, @dev @Grosstastic @sophia journey to a mountaintop to get into meetup mode
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    Suggested by @bjnovak
  21. At 6:35, the room was already packed
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    Suggested by @bjnovak