These are all real. (Some) people are dicks.
  1. I'm invited, right?
    Various acquaintances, most of whom are kidding but it still feels awkward. Also, some are not kidding at all.
  2. Are your parents paying?
    Tacky question regardless of the answer.
  3. Are you pregnant? (I got this one a bunch)
    Suggested by @Grosstastic
  4. Am I going to be a bridesmaid?
    I heard someone ask this and was like PLEASE STOP
    Suggested by @ruddybuddy
  5. Are you fighting a lot with your mom?
    I'm not, but again, tacky question.
  6. I really think you should ask people to donate to charity instead of registering, don't you already have everything you need?
    From someone for whom I previously bought a wedding gift, a shower gift, and recently a baby gift.
  7. Aren't you a little old for bridesmaids?
    I am younger than Maya Rudolph in Bridesmaids and also fuck you.
  8. Are you going to lose weight before the wedding?
    The worst was when a waitress asked me if I was dieting after my dinner companion said "she just got engaged!" I said no and ordered a burger and fries to spite her, then felt ashamed that she made me care.
  9. When's your last day [of work]?
    Asked by a writer I work with in front of the entire writing staff and studio executives. I thought (but did not say) "After yours."