Thirty-five trips around the sun and I'm not even dizzy. Here are five awesome things about the past year and three I'm gonna be more awesome at this coming year (see? 3 plus 5? GET IT?!).
  1. This past year...
  2. We moved in, we got engaged, we got married.
    Yeah, that's three, but under the same umbrella. @bonifaceviii has made me a better, happier, smarter, overall more awesome human and every day I look at him and marvel at how lucky I am that I a) found him and b) convinced him to be MINE FOREVER (insert supervillain cackle). He is my best birthday gift.
  3. Supergirl! Crazy ExGF!
    I work on these two phenomenal new shows and it's been a total delight. Females are strong as hell.
  4. Old friends.
    All these life milestones means you get to see those you love from near and far. My heart is bursting with joy just remembering how many wonderful folks came to celebrate the wedding.
  5. New friends.
    I can't help it, I love new people. Yes, I mean YOU! Getting to meet so many of you guys at parties and elsewhere has been a total delight and I wanna keep it going.
  6. ListApp
    So strange to think that this wasn't a part of my life a year ago when now it's such a highlight of my days. Thank you all for your lists, your comments, your rad open hearts, your hilarious insights into life. And thank you the most to @dev and @bjnovak and the rest of the team for creating this app and keeping the culture of creativity and kindness going.
  7. This coming year...
  8. Giving myself a break.
    Aka not beating myself up over having downtime. I suck at downtime.
  9. Not hitting snooze 100 times.
    This is the year. I mean it. Wait, does this contradict the giving myself a break plan? Hmm.
  10. Writing and, like, actually showing non ListApp people what I wrote.
    I have 100000 excuses why (mostly time- and exhaustion-related) but imma suck it up for real and write some things. Feel free to hold me to it. (Eek!)