Hi, random ListApper. You're here because you have questions. Well, I have answers. Here goes!
  1. What is happening again?
    We're having a meetup! In LA! On Saturday!
  2. Oh, cool, so @bjnovak and @dev will be there signing autographs/buying everyone drinks?
    Uh...no. I mean, I hope they'll come by if they're free and maybe they'll give you an autograph if you ask, but that's kind of weird because what is the point of commodifying someone's handwritten name, but anyway everyone should buy his or her own drinks.
  3. What if someone I want to strike up a conversation with is there and I think a slick first move is to buy them a drink?
    Okay, buy whoever you want drinks. I don't care. Though if you're feeling generous come find me and buy me one too.
  4. I think the point you were trying to make is this isn't an official ListApp event or anything?
    Nope. Totally DIY. I assume if/when there's an official ListApp event it will involve circus performers, a wild animal petting zoo, and everyone getting the logo tattooed somewhere. There will also likely be an orgy but I am married now stop tempting me!
  5. Okay, so no free drinks, no circus orgy. Why should I come?
    Because the folks on this app are the coolest ever and it's so SO fun to put faces to names. The last meet-up was a delight. I promise despite the lack of open bar and performance artists it will be a rollicking good time.
  6. Will there be nametags?
  7. Do I have to wear one?
    Look, you do you, but it's kind of fun to see who everyone is rather than awkwardly asking and then trying desperately to remember.
  8. The last one was inside and it was hot. Will it be inside and hot?
    This one is at a bar with an outdoor area. It is September in LA so it will likely be hot, but at least there are options? I don't control the weather, man.
  9. Wait, so where and when exactly IS it?
    Oh, right. That was kind of the point of the list, huh?
  10. I think?
    Melrose Umbrella Company. 7465 Melrose Ave. I'll be there Sat starting at five pm. You should come.
  11. Me? But I don't know you! Or anyone!
    Well, show up and you will.
  12. But no one's going to be there ON TIME, right? Like people will wait til 6 or something because that's what cool people do?
    I will be there on time at five. Come as your schedule permits, but please don't stand on some weird "I have to be fashionably late" ceremony and make me drink alone.
  13. Looking forward!
    Me too. (That wasn't a question but I'll let it slide).