I adore being a regular at places.
  1. 1997 - 1999: California Pizza Kitchen, White Plains, NY
    The minute I got my license my bffs and I were there every chance we had. It was exciting because it was far away (like 20 minutes, but if you grow up in a town that's literally one square mile and everywhere you previously went with your friends was in walking distance, that's like the other end of the galaxy) and also because that shit is delicious. BBQ chicken salad for life.
  2. 1999 - 2003: Claire's Corner Copia, New Haven, CT
    Claire's is an unassuming sandwich shop on the corner across from Yale's Old Campus (where most freshmen live). Their nachos are to die for, their Lithuanian coffee cake (with an extra side of frosting) beyond, but nothing beats the simplicity of a small loaf of their just-baked bread with some strawberry jam. Just ask my frequent breakfast date, @zoe.
  3. 2003 - 2014 (on and off): Dominick's, West Hollywood, CA
    Started going here back in my assistant days, still go but way less frequently due to being a valley girl now. Made friends with one of the waitresses - well, with the entire wait staff, but one in particular - whose wedding I attended, new baby I just met, and who will attend my wedding this summer. Basically what I'm saying is I am a total friend glutton and if you look at me the right way I will suck you in FOR LIFE. Not sure why I just made that sound so scary.
  4. 2006 - 2009: Pizzeria Mozza, Hollywood, CA
    My roommate at the time and I had a few of the bartenders on lock: sit at the bar for dinner, order one glass of wine and - like that cauldron in the fairy tale - have it constantly fill up every time you took a sip. When the roomie and I parted ways (we just kind of grew apart, which is sad but also is what it is), I felt like I also had to say goodbye to being a regular at Mozza. Still love it, just can't go there all the time.
  5. 2015: Chipotle, Burbank, CA
    I've developed a habit of grabbing lunch here after my Friday Big Bang Theory run-thru at Warners. I didn't realize it was such a regular thing until last week they asked "the usual?" I'm all class.
  6. 2003 - Present: Marix, West Hollywood, CA
    My longest streak as a regular. Started coming to this little Tex Mex joint in the middle of WeHo when I moved here in 03. Cheap margaritas, delicious nachos (do you sense a trend?), and the added perk of not being leered at by dudes (99% of them are not interested in ladies). A handful of the the waiters and busboys have also been there for the 12 years (eep!) I've been going, one of whom has seen my entire relationship w @bonifaceviii progress.