Been insane with wedding planning (2 weeks!) and work (5 shows! Tune in this fall!) but I love me a list request, thanks @sally! Especially a Diet Coke list request. Unrelated - re LA drinks - feels like we lose a lot of people to Labor Day - so meetup tentatively 9/12 happy hour?
  1. In the Jeep Grand Cherokee I drove in high school, parked in the McDonalds' parking lot, with Susannah, laughing about something or someone. Probably someone.
    My complicated relationship with my high school best friend is still a list in my drafts folder, but my memories of us jumping in my car during a free period to go to the drive-thru for fountain DC are unimpeachable.
  2. On the couch with Steve, eating lunch and watching some terrible reality show I convinced him to endure.
    This is really the best one, it's just that McDonalds fountain diet coke is better than any other type of DC so it's hard to rank this first. I do love @bonifaceviii more than diet coke, but on a list about DC I've gotta be true to the list.
  3. In the JE dining hall, having just one more fountain DC before heading back to my room to study.
    Sitting with my college roommates and best friends, thinking up more creative ways to procrastinate and stay in the warm, cozy dining hall before trudging back to our room to dive once more into the papers and exam prep.
  4. In the car, driving somewhere too far away.
    DC is sometimes the only thing keeping me from veering off the road. I am a mediocre driver and get tired driving in straight lines. Driving is boring! How do you stay awake sans caffeine?
  5. In my office, losing my mind.
    You know it's a rough work day if I exceed my usual two. This past week I averaged 4 a day. My colleagues make fun of me, but they kind of have a point. Better than a meth addiction, though.
  6. Sophomore year of college, when I only allowed myself one a day.
    The nutritionist I saw after freshman year (and the freshman 15) said it could make you fat. I was barely eating anything yet still felt the need to limit this calorie-free beverage as well. I think back on that time and remember it as the most anxiety-filled, exhausted, unhappy time of my whole life. I look back at the pictures and think "damn, I looked great."