So what are yours? (Is there a way to make this list a countdown, @bjnovak @dev? Or is it always a count-up? Well, pretend this is a countdown. Thanks.)
  1. Survivor
    I only include this because I love talking about Survivor. I am zero percent embarrassed about how much I love this show.
  2. Shark Tank
    I rationalize this by saying I am learning about negotiating techniques but actually I just have a big crush on Robert Herjavec.
  3. The Next Food Network Star
    So I want to see who is the next person to have a show I am guaranteed to never watch, sue me. (I only like competition food shows, once they are attempting to be instructional I lose interest.)
  4. Pretty Little Liars
  5. The Bachelor/ette/Bachelor In Paradise
    Let's be honest, Paradise is the trashiest but also the most truthful: they're all just there to be on TV, get drunk, and hook up, not to get married. On the other two shows they just have to pretend like it's about marriage. Though I enjoy the wacky challenges - my fiancé also made me go through a muddy obstacle course to prove I was right for him.* *This is a lie but I totally would've, that sounds fun.
  6. MTV's The Challenge
    The Grantland reality tv podcast (did I just admit I listen to a reality tv podcast?) calls this America's fifth pro sport, and they're not wrong. It's Survivor meets Bachelor In Paradise with the most hilarious group you could imagine. Some of these guys are my age & making money flying to fab locations, getting wasted, having sex, and doing weird athletic things (or having a spelling bee, which is the best ever) and have been for their entire adult lives. I've made the wrong career choice.