These are the pop culture pieces that stuck with me the most this year. Note: these were not necessarily released in 2015, but this was the year I experienced them. Also note: this is not necessarily a "best of" list, more a "can't get it out of my head" list. What'd I miss/not give enough credence to? And what's yours?
  1. TV Series (streaming): Peaky Blinders
    The bloody tale of Tommy Shelby's struggle for prominence and relevance in post-WW1 England is a masterpiece. The writing/acting/directing/design/etc are top notch. I've never found Cillian Murphy sexy before, but now... And Annabel Wallis is my queen (#teamgrace). Go watch now please.
  2. TV Series (watched weekly): Scandal
    Yes yes yes I loved Fargo too, but I am jaw-droppingly impressed by the power of the Shondaverse and the ability of this show to keep spinning new stories and to openly talk about what it means to be a woman in power. All of the Liv/Mellie stuff this season has been 💯💯💯. (For the record, I don't count shows I work on here because I am insanely biased but if you are behind on Supergirl or Crazy Ex or Big Bang or CSI: Cyber go watch!)
  3. Book: Ready Player One by Ernest Cline
    I have read some phenomenal books this year - in a year of poring over and adoring literary gems like Americanah, Fates and Furies, and the Ferrante series, it feels so weird and almost wrong to shout out this poppy novel about teens living more in the virtual world than the real one as my 2015 mvp, but here I am doing it. Stuck to my bones somehow. It's 💯, and Spielberg is the absolute right guy to put it on screen. I hope he crushes it.
  4. Musical: Hamilton (soundtrack, not show...but just you wait, New York!)
    Duh. Lin-Manuel Miranda captains a group of insanely talented performers who bring to life a story of America's beginnings that feels as fresh as any modern tale. I cannot wait to finally see it live. And if you're not following HamiltonsSquad (aka @hollis) on Twitter/Insta you're missing out.
  5. Movie: not sure
    Maybe I'll come back to this, but not sure there's one that really really really stuck with me the way the other things on this list have. I really liked a lot of movies - Mad Max, Inside Out, Trainwreck, The Martian, Star Wars: TFA to name a few - but don't know that any of them got into my bones in that sticky way.
  6. Reaction to a movie: Anne Hathaway's response to Amy Schumer's joke about her in Trainwreck
    Something very good-natured to the effect of how when Amy wins her own Oscar she'll bring it to all the Oscar parties too. Classy and funny.
  7. Podcast (non-fiction): You Must Remember This (MGM Series)
    I skipped the Manson Murder series because the idea of it freaked me out (did I screw up? Should I go back and give it a try?), but jumped back in for the dulcet-voiced Karina Longworth's deep dive into the history of MGM. Some stuff I already knew, tons I didn't. A must for anyone who loves movies.
  8. Podcast (fiction): Limetown
    First podcast since season 1 of Serial that I listened to immediately upon a new episode arriving on my phone. It's not perfect, but I admire what they've achieved (for those who don't know about it, it's essentially a fictionalized Serial-type podcast - reporter does a deep dive into the ten-year-old disappearance of a whole town of people and discovers much more than she bargained for). Smart creators who capitalized on the Serial madness and made something cool. V eager for s2 from "APR."
  9. Meme: Left Shark
    Aren't we all just Left Shark-ing our way through life? Never forget! Runner-up: llamas on the lam.
  10. App: ListApp
    @bjnovak and @dev did the impossible with this app: founded a place on the internet that fosters creativity and - above all - kindness and support. I think in lists now. I talk about all of you as if you're people I know in real life (and some of you I've gotten to know or know better IRL from interacting here). I adore this community.
  11. Game: Candy Crush
    2015 was the year I went beyond level 1000. Yes, I have a problem. But I find it very relaxing - fun to use your brain in a semi-passive problem-solving way. Haters gonna hate, I know.
  12. Folks I'd love to make their own list like this (plus everyone I forgot/don't know yet!):
  13. Fargo season 2
    Suggested by @shanaz