I do love a meme. Thanks, fearless leader @bjnovak!
  1. Friday night: dinner with @amyamy and another friend.
    Amy is going to Hawaii in the morning and we are jealous. Lots of wedding gossip and recapping. I feel like I chatted too much about my wedding but maybe that's ok 6 days later?
  2. Saturday morning: gym gym gym.
    I am powerless against the addiction that is Tracy Anderson. I think this type of thing is what the #sorrynotsorry hashtag was invented for.
  3. Saturday afternoon: read, watch reality TV, nap, read.
    All in prep for..:
  4. Saturday night: meet @magdalenam's guy!! (Along w @bonifaceviii and @jonathon)
    He's rad and puts up with our nonsense so basically I'm on board. But the thing Magda said about me cutting off his balls if he hurts her is totally true. (FYI, I followed that up with "and that will be super awkward for both of us because I have no idea how to do that.")
  5. Sunday am: snooze on first hour of gym due to the amount of wine that led to above balls comment. Make it to second hour and feel like hero.
  6. Sunday afternoon: TV, read, nap, play Game of Thrones online game with @bonifaceviii because marriage is awesome.
    Not a sarcastic comment. That GOT game is really fun and also yes I am the nerdiest nerd.
  7. Sunday night: dinner with another couple, lots of pasta and wine.
    Now in bed feeling that "ugh back to school" thing. But also feeling like this super-lazy weekend was the exact perfect detox from last weekend's wedding madness.